Expert Service, Right When You Need It.

Yard Mule Specialists’ service team is designed to maximize your up-time. Our fleet of highly trained mobile service technicians is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where they can perform most repairs on your worksite. For repairs that cannot be completed onsite, we have a full-service, bumper-to-bumper repair shop that offers quick turnarounds on all engine, transmission, drive train, pneumatic, steering, and hydraulic repairs. No matter what you need, YMS can help, and fast.


Are you or your driver new to Yard Mule operation? Yard Mule Specialists can start you off on the right foot with the tools, materials and training you need. Call now to set up a training session today!


  • One-on-one training on daily vehicle operation and inspections;

  • Proper fluid levels, checks, and maintenance; and

  • Daily Pre-Operation Check List



Your best weapon against down-time is a solid preventative maintenance plan. We can help you craft a plan that keeps your units in top shape, minimizing wear and tear and costly repairs. No need to manage a calendar, either. We take care of everything.


When you need repairs, you need them now. That’s why we operate our own haul truck and trailer. The minute you’re ready for a rental or service, we’re ready to pickup and deliver.


Need your own equipment hauled somewhere? Call Jeff today to get a quote!


Yard Mules are built tough and built to last. But after years of operation, you may find your trucks need a good makeover. We are experts in reconditioning including Paint, Body Work, Electrical Components, Burn, Fire and Water Restoration, Engine, Transmission and Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds.


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