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Tired of fixing tires? Try Magnet Mule.

Now you can eliminate pounds of nails and other metal debris from your worksite driveways – automatically. Save hundreds in tire repair costs, downtime, and personal injury by easily adding a YMS Magnet Mule magnetic sweeper to your yard truck. The Magnet Mule can pay for itself after just one use!

The Magnet Mule comes standard in 48" length, and can be easily customized to fit any yard truck with the Install Kit. It is excellent for construction sites, warehouses, factory yards or airport runways. It is easily suspended under a vehicle, typically installed about 1 1/2" to 3" above the pavement.

The Magnet Mule works as hard as you do, with no operating costs, no maintenance, and it can be easily cleaned with a cloth or glove. In stock now, call today to get your YMS Magnet Mule magnetic sweeper!

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