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Meet the Capacity TJ Family of Trucks. Trucks for every need.

Moving simple cargo?


Need more power?


Overweight cargo?


Meet the TJ5000.

TJ9000 has you covered.

TJ6500 is for you.

The TJ5000 Has a 30,000 lb. rear axle carrying up to 81,000 lbs. GCW making it perfect for light manufacturing and warehousing applications. 

With a 70,400 lb. planetary axle that has a 100,000 lbs GCW, this is the unit for your 24-hour muscle operations. Works excellent with extra heavy-duty, demanding operations. 

The TJ6500 is equipped with an additional axle designed to carry heavier loads to beat DOT regulations. The design has a GCW of 125,000 lbs.

Capacity Sabre 5

The Sabre gives you a distinct edge in your operations, It’s been re-envisioned and re-engineered to produce the highest quality, satisfaction, durability and reliability a Yard Mule can offer.

Capacity Trucks is the leader in power, design, and options. Whatever you need, we can design a truck to move any operation faster.


New Truck Sales

Units are available for use either on or off the highway. All of our on-highway trucks have the necessary safety equipment to meet DOT/EPA requirements for use on public roads. Got specific requirements? Just ask. We can spec your yard mule with any options - additional safety and/or luxury options or any special equipment you need.



Leasing Options

Want brand new equipment with a better payment and without the burden of ownership? We can work with you on tailored lease options for Walk Away and Trac Leases for terms in as little as three years.

Used Truck Sales

We have a large selection of new, re-conditioned, pre-owned, and used Yard Mules and always offer a variety of options and truck configurations to best fit the productivity needs of your operation. All used units come with a 30 Day major engine and transmission warranty.

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