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Four Generations. One Purpose.

Reducing downtime for over 50 years.

In 1957, Dan Triplett, a diesel mechanic and farmer, opened Dan’s Garage on Hatfield Road in Pearland, servicing heavy-duty equipment. He held contracts with the City of Pearland and Brazoria County for regular maintenance and repairs on their entire fleet. It's in this original, "Dan's Garage" that YMS Corporate still works out of today.

Dan taught the trade to his son, Melvin. With hard work, Melvin eventually became known as the "go-to" mechanic in Pearland. He developed an interest in the vehicles used in port operations, which led him to begin working on Yard Mules. He soon after became the first Capacity dealer in the Houston area. Then in 1973, Melvin opened South Texas Lift Trucks which quickly grew into a multi-state operation. He was well known at the Port of Houston and Barbour’s Cut Terminals, renting machinery to many operations.

Melvin’s son, Jeff, started working with his grandfather Dan, at the age of 7. He would go from school straight to the shop and stay there the rest of the day. Jeff eventually went to work with Melvin, managing his shop operations for over 30 years.

In the Spring of 2006, Jeff and Melvin moved Yard Mule Specialists back to Pearland, relocating to the original site on Hatfield Road where Dan's Garage had once stood nearly fifty years before. In July of that year, Jeff’s son, Jeff Jr., came onboard to work with his father and grandfather and continue the Triplett tradition. Jeff Jr. is now the Vice President of Operations.

Even though Yard Mule Specialists has grown dramatically over it's nearly 20 years in business, the Tripletts still pride themselves on providing quality, one-on-one service, true to their small-business roots.

Dan Triplett
Melvin Triplett
Jeff Triplett (Sr.)
Jeff Triplett II (Jr.)
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