What is a Yard Mule?

A Yard Mule is a truck specifically designed for moving containers and semi-trailers in or around freight yards. It has a hydraulic 5th wheel, which lifts to accommodate trailer height, allowing the operator to move trailers without exiting the cab or cranking the handling gear, which greatly increases productivity.


Do I need one?

You need a Yard Mule if you are moving several trailers and containers, "spotting" trailers in tight quarters, or if you have a facility where it's impractical to have "over the road" tractors trying to land trailers. Yard Mules also work for construction sites or projects where it is not practical or safe to have products delivered inside the work area. 

Are all Yard Mules the same?

No, Yard Mules are specialized trucks and there are many different models to choose from. Yard Mule Specialists offers a wide range of models from quality manufacturers like Capacity, Ottawa Kalmar, and SISU, with a wide range of options, such as DOT certified, high lift, air conditioning equipped and tandem-axle. Call us today to determine which model is right for you.

What about Parts & Service?

We're called Yard Mule Specialists for a reason: after years in the business, we can diagnose most service issues quickly (sometimes over the phone) and our expert technicians can be on your site typically within 1-2 hours. YMS has a vast inventory of parts in stock, and with our technicians, for quick, efficient turnaround times.

What are the benefits?

An enhanced bottom line and increased safety, thanks to a yard mule's maneuverability, efficiency and ease of use.  Standard tractor rigs are cumbersome and time-consuming and can be unsafe in tight quarters. Yard Mules solve these problems while increasing mobility, movement and productivity.

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